• Mini pilot

    Mini pilot
    Multi-purpose mini plant pilot reactor. 5-15 liter.
  • Büchiflex couplings

    Büchiflex couplings
    Unique, flexible glass coupling for the construction of glass systems. Absolutely tight. Up to DN600.
  • Pressure filters

    Pressure filters
    Robust pressure filters for laboratory. Up to 20 liter.
  • Magnetic drives and stirrers

    Magnetic drives and stirrers
    Leak free stirring systems for pressure reactors. Also available with ATEX or for inert fluidics.
  • Filters

    Mobile nutsch filters for safely separating solids and (inert) liquids after synthesis. Including lift. 10-140 liter.
  • Automation

    Process automation from simple measure and control units and data logging up to complete process automation from gram to lab.
  • Cooling- and heating systems

    Cooling- and heating systems
    Thermally closed thermostats and open bath systems for highly precise thermal regulation.
  • Micro pumps

    Micro pumps
    Micro gear pumps for pumping smallest quantities fluids, also non-lubricating and inert fluids.
  • Micro flow systems

    Micro flow systems
    Micro flow units for cryogenic reactions.
  • Distillation systems

    Distillation systems
    Gas scrubbers and distillation systems for lab, pilot plant and production.
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