Systag ePAT plug & play interface

Systag ePAT plug & play interface
The e-PAT is a smart “process control interface” for lab reactors that automatically recognizes the connected sensors! Plug & play in only 15 minutes! An interesting cost-efficient module including controller and screen.
No matter which type of thermostat, balance or pump you want to use, the ePAT is familiar with them all. The implemented SYSTAG Application Manager system (SAM) guarantees that you can effortless integrate all existing peripheral devices.
Integral interfaces offer intuitive control of a multitude of standard stirrer motors, thermostats, balances and pumps. You can start the application automatically and without delay with the ePAT!

Process development with the ePAT interface

The ePAT, as entry-level solution for automation technology, enables you to efficiently optimize a huge variety of reactions, procedures and processes for both scale-up and scale-down.  The integral safety concept guarantees you uninterrupted monitoring and has especially been designed for unsupervised operation day and night! 
The automated data export function prevents any loss of data, while also offering you the option of using external applications to process the report data further.

Starter kit

Even in its basic configuration the ePAT offers you a wide range of functions to perform routine tasks such as tempering, dosing, stirring or adjusting pH with greater reliability and reproducibility. 
The ePAT carries out time-consuming control functions for you and will fully document all your experiments at the same time. 

Built in software features

  • Stirring with logging of torque measurement
  • Multi-stage temperature control (5 segments)
  • 2 dosings, temperature controlled
  • pH measurements & control
  • Safety monitoring
  • On-line trend & logging of all events

Standard components

  • FlexySys software for controlling one reactor
  • Universal I/O module to connect analogue sensors and actuators
  • Tripod for the monitor and mini computer, US keyboard and mouse
  • Cable set for connection of the sensors and actuators


You can expand your ePAT entry-level model with various options:
  • Pressure, vacuum and venting control
  • Additional third dosing
  • Volumetric dosing (e.g. Metrohm Dosino)
  • … tell us what you need!
Are you interested? Contact us for a non-committal DEMO at your location! 

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