Reactor systems from glass or metal? Let’s talk!

13 July 2018
The development of new products is an intensive and costly process. A reactor system that perfectly meets the specifications is therefor indispensable for carefull investigation and reducing costs. Autoclave has an excellent understanding thereof.
For that reason, Autoclave always starts an open discussion with the customer. Only by a thorough inventory of the process and requirements you will find the most suitable solution. Bespoke solutions! 
Besides, since the solutions are modular, the reactor systems can fairly simple – with (limited) adjustments - be made suitable for future modifications in your process. Cost savings!

Come to our booth and …
Feel – Touch – Experience - Play!!



  • the high quality of our products!


  • our touch screen; play with our interactive presentation and view various solutions (also in 3D)
  • the Büchi kiloclave with, fast action closure and tiltable reactor!
  • the new high pressure reactor novoclave by Büchi; suitable for up to 500°C and 500bar!
  • the new BCC controller by Büchi with standard display of torque and speed


  • the büchiflex coupling for glass. Experience yourself that it is really flexible and vacuum tight! Exchanging glass parts, modifications of your installation or glass set-up can from now on be carried out by yourself with Büchiflex! Check the video here!
  • the minipilot made of glass; visible reactions in a flexible system with büchiflex couplings. 


  • with the e-PAT process control interface by Systag for lab reactors (optimized for 24/7!)
  • with our touch screen and view the Systag animation about lab automation.
  • with our touch screen and discover what Autoclave can do for you

WOTS, 2-5 October 2018, Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Click here for free entrance! Relation code WOTS1042

On behalf of Büchi Glas Uster, pressure reactor specialist René Volmer will be available in our booth  He can tell you even more about the possibilities with the reactors and peripheral equipment
We hope to see you in our booth!
  • WOTS2018 Let's talk! WOTS2018 Let's talk!
  • New Büchi high pressure reactor 500bar, 500°C New Büchi high pressure reactor 500bar, 500°C
  • Büchiflex leak-free and vacuum tight coupling for glass components Büchiflex leak-free and vacuum tight coupling for glass components

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