How sufficient is your innovative capacity? Visit Laborama.

02 February 2018
The innovative strength of an R&D department depends to a large extent on the possibilities of the available equipment. In addition, the visibility of processes can yield valuable information as a supplement to your datalogging or more extensive analyses. 
Is your department sufficiently equipped to develop your innovations in a flexible way? Limitations by equipment are not as obvious as you might think. Discover what our solutions can do for you and push your limits! Visit our booth at Laborama and discuss the possibilities for your company!
Autoclave offers complete solutions for chemical reactions under pressure or vacuum. The systems have a modular construction and can easily be converted. The pressure reactors are equipped with interchangeable vessels of glass or steel which can be provided with sight glasses. Visible reactions! 
In our booth we will show a selection from our portfolio:

Chemreactor (glass / glass-lined steel)

A multi purpose pilot reactor system for chemical process development, scale-up, process simulation and kilo scale cGMP production (batch and semi-batch). With the unique flexible büchiflex joints, the system can be stress-free constructed and parts can easily be exchanged. A modular system with many options. 

Pressure reactors

Modular pressure reactors for high temperatures/pressures with vessels from 0.1 to 20 l. With lift and fast action closure for simple and safe handling. 

e-PAT plug & play interface for 24/7 process control

An intuitive process control interface for lab reactors. Plug & play in only 15 minutes! The e-PAT conducts time-consuming control functions and will fully document at the same time all your experiments. 

suurDOS® micro dosing system

A dosing system for pulseless and highly precise dosing fluids (< µl/ hour). For both gravimetric and volumetric dosing applications. 

Lab pump with RS232 connection to USB and software for control

A new gear pump especially developed for lab and university by Gather Industrie. Standard equipped with drive with integrated frequency converter. Easy to use for dosing and testing.
Laborama takes place on 15 & 16 March 2018 in the Brussels Kart Expo. 
We look forward to meeting you in our booth C5, hall 1. Click here for free tickets.
  • Visible reactions! Visible reactions!
  • Modular pressure reactor with lift and FAC Modular pressure reactor with lift and FAC
  • e-PAT plug & play interface for lab reactors e-PAT plug & play interface for lab reactors

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